Wound Care

Vergenix™WD Wound Dressing Matrix

Vergenix Wound Dressing (WD) is an advanced wound dressing composed of 100 % recombinant human type I collagen. This unique device forms a soft, absorbent and conformable wound dressing. Vergenix™WD provides a bio-degradable scaffold for the proliferation of cells involved in the wound healing allowing granular tissue formation and epithelialization. Vergenix™WD can be used as a primary wound dressing or be used in combination with an occlusive or non-occlusive secondary wound dressing.


Indications for use:
Vergenix™ WD is intended for the management of chronic and acute wounds, and skin ulcers such as: Full thickness and partial thickness wounds, Pressure ulcers, Venous ulcers, Ulcers caused by mixed vascular etiologies, Diabetic ulcers, Second degree burns, Donor sites and other surface bleeding wounds, Abrasions, Trauma wounds healing by secondary intention, Surgical wounds.


NOTE: Vergenix WD is CE marked and approved for sale in Europe.

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