The exceptional properties of our rhCollagen can be utilized to repeatedly costume products with unique physical features, which are beyond the reach of other types of collagen. As compared with tissue derived collagen, rhCollagen membranes have shown better thermal stability, improved tensile strength due to alignment of the collagen fibers, and higher levels of transparency. In addition, rhCollagen can be used to produce high concentration solutions of collagen at low viscosities. The unique properties of our rhCollagen make it an ideal building block for many products that we believe cannot currently be produced using tissue derived collagen, such as BioInks for 3D printing, artificial tendons, and transparent ophthalmic products.

We believe the clinical attributes of our rhCollagen will translate into benefits for patients, payors, and physicians, and will be adopted rapidly by the market once our product candidates receive regulatory approval. The improved biofunctionality of our products is intended to lead to faster recovery, better clinical outcomes, and reduced hospitalization time. Our in vivo studies have shown faster tissue remodeling, faster wound closure, and reduced scarring compared to competing products made from tissue derived collagen.

We currently have in house research and development projects related to tendon rupture and surgical wounds as well as other nondisclosure therapeutic solutions, and are actively seeking collaborators in these indications. We are also pursuing other platforms for our rhCollagen.

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