Chronic, painful tendon and ligament disorders such as tendinopathy are frequent in both athletic and less active or inactive individuals. Patients are commonly referred to general and sports medicine practitioners, but the tools for treatment are limited and too often not efficient. One of the evolving treatment options for tendinopathy includes the use of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma, a concentrated blood plasma that contains high levels of platelets) extracted from the patients’ blood, which serves as a storage for healing-promoting growth factors. However, PRP usually displays poor retention of the platelets at the injury site and their fast dissipation may limit the effect of the growth factors.

Vergenix™STR is a soft tissue repair matrix that was designed for mixing with PRP to form a scaffold with delayed degradation and enhanced retention to the injury site, in order to enable a localized, prolonged therapeutic effect.

Vergenix™STR is intended for treatment of tendinopathy.

VergenixSTR is distributed in Europe by Arthrex, and is marketed together with the Arthrex ACP® kit, under the brand ACP® Tendo. More information regarding product procurement can be found in Arthrex’s website: www.arthrex.com/orthobiologics/arthrex-acp-tendo.

How Vergenix™STR makes the difference?

  • Chronic tendinopathy is relieved Upon injection into an injury site, the mixture of Vergenix™STR and PRP forms a collagen-fibrin matrix which holds the platelets in place, allowing prolonged release of growth factors at the injury site.
  • A single application is sufficient Vergenix™STR eases the burden on patients. A single application is all that is required to initiate the healing process.
  • It is made from truly human collagen CollPlant developed a patented process that enables to produce genuine human collagen in plants. As a result, Vergenix™STR eliminates the risk of allergic response and exposure to animal pathogens, providing safe treatment alternative.
  • It has been proven in use Clinical experience with Vergenix™STR shows significant clinical improvement in patient suffering from tendinopathy.


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