Vergenix™STR is a soft tissue repair matrix intended for treatment of tendinopathy (tendon inflammation). It combines cross linked rhCollagen with PRP, a concentrated blood plasma that contains high levels of platelets, a critical component of the healing process. Platelets contain growth factors that are responsible for stimulating tissue generation and repair, including soft tissue repair, bone regeneration, development of new blood vessels, and stimulation of the healing process. Vergenix™STR serves as a scaffold to support cell proliferation and the release of growth factors. The product candidate is injected into the affected area, and forms a viscous gel matrix which serves as a temporary reservoir for PRP in the vicinity of a tendon injury site, holding the platelet concentrate in place at the injured area. The matrix formed has the capabilities to releasing growth factors platelet in a controlled manner and controlled biodegradation time, enabling optimal healing.



Vergenix™STR  is CE marked and approved for sales in Europe.

Vergenix™STR is not approved for sales in the USA.

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